Rebecca Aquilina

Financial Accounting

Rebecca is one of the Accounting Executives at Firstbridge where her primary focus is on the trade of goods for the firms’ local and international clients. Rebecca is also nearing the completion of her ACCA qualification.

Rebecca gained experienced various organisational setups, initially as an accounts assistant within a non-profit making organisation, and further on as a Junior Accountant in an international company within the aviation industry.

Due to the nature and complexity of the accounting team setups within which she operated prior to joining the firm have enabled her to gain valuable working experience in project accounting as well as in managing companies’ finances from inception throughout the various stages of their lifecycle. She has also assisted companies by carrying out thorough market research exercises which have helped her clients make sound and reliable decisions about their business.

Rebecca is keen to proceed on her own initiative but also enjoys working with her fellow team members, considering this as the main ingredient towards Firstbridge’s success.

Her life beyond work involves leading FIMCAP – an international federation of catholic parochial youth movements, with which she has been active for over 6 years now. This role allows her to practice her leadership and organisational skills on a daily basis here at Firstbridge.